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XPS 720 videocard upgrade. Can I install a Radeon HD 6870?

I've had my XPS 720 for about 4 years now.  I had it built (back then) strickly for gaming.  I've recently started playing Star Wars The Old Republic online, and am having problems with choppy, and laggy video.  My internet connection was good, and my FPS was good as well.  I upgraded the memory from 2Gb to 4Gb and that seemed to help some.  I've been thinking about upgrading my videocard as well.  The current video card is a NVIDIA GEForce 8600 GTS.  I've been researching videocards.  I don't need to pay premium dollars for a super great video card.  But the Radeon HD 6870 seems like it would suit my needs for a fair price. 

My only concern is that, is it compatible with my XPS 720, and will it fit?  Reviews that I've read say that it's pretty big.

Any help anyone can give would be very much appreciated.

I've also upgraded the XPS to Windows 7 32bit, and will possibly be upgrading again to 64bit.


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Re: XPS 720 videocard upgrade. Can I install a Radeon HD 6870?

With the older 8600 GTS I can understand why you are having problems.  The HD 6870 is a good card for the money.  If you want to stay with an Nvidia card like you have now, then get the GTX 560.  I just prefer their drivers over ATI.  I do not see any problems with fit for these cards.  All of today's higher-end cards are dual slot versus the single slot you have now, but that should not be an issue for you.  The 8800 GTX was offered with this system and these cards are no bigger.  If you have a Quad CPU, then you should be OK with these cards to benefit from their performance.  

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