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XPS 730 BSOD Freeze ups

I purchased this computer in June 08. About one week after receiving it and loading my programs on it I started getting freeze ups.

Since most of my programs are games, I assumed the freeze ups were game server, instance crashes; so I rebooted and plodded on.

By December it had gotten to be BSOD at least once a week and freezes 3 or 4 times a day.

The first tech guy I spoke to spent 4 hours going thru the tests, reading hidden reports I never saw, and checking the comp out very well, until it froze on us. When I got back to him he asked me to run boot up Diagnostics. Final answer, bad ram. In my normal support dealings with Dell,( I have or have bought about 8 or 9 systems from them in last 7 years) they discover what is wrong,under warranty, and send me a new part. I swap parts out and mail back the bad part.

This time I get nothing, wait a week or so and go back to dell chat to get help, and have to repeat the precess all over again with a new tech. This tech asks for a BSOD code I received and runs tests to hunt for bad ram. RAM checks out clean, I get to do boot up diagnostics again, this time it tells me my speakers are bad. I have had sqawks from the sound card before, but attributed them from the sound loops during freeze-ups.

The second tech has me backup my comp. At this point all I have installed on it since I received it has been:

World of Warcraft

Lord of the Ring Online

Everquest (the oiriginal)

Madden NFL 2008

MS Flight Simulator X

no loss here have the dics so I tell her I am back up, she has me boot up to a screen that lets me System Restore to original factory settings.

Great ;day one reloading World Of Warcraft, nothing else. 

Day two get a call, tech wants to know if everything is working fine, since im still patching I tell tech not done with my reloading.

Day three get a call, same question..game has patched and run, I tell the tech Im good,.

Day four 3 crashes, freeze-ups.

Ok I HATE my XPS 730 great and wonderful so called gaming machine.

Any suggestions? And remember I use the computer, I am not TECH Minded.

Side note this is my second vista machine, my first by another manufacturer is now my garage door stop.

Same problems, 6 months of them send me 4 chips to swap out and return bad chips and I said to myself, Self.. buy a DELL.

HELP help help... .. .



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Darrell WV
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Re: XPS 730 BSOD Freeze ups

Hello Seminole73,

I have experienced the same issues with my 730 H2C.  Some suggestions:

If you had the error code 2000:0123  (bad RAM) followed by clean Dell Diagnostic, then it probably is not the RAM, although it might have gotten hot durning the previous issues.  I pesonally got an additional fan (60 mm Noctua totally silent) and velcro placed it aimed directly at the MOBO and the RAM.  That did help.

I re-ran the Dell Diagnostic program, and entered the System Tree diagnostic, and ran each test under Blue Screen and repeatedly got a new error code, which was that the cooling system was not working.

I would suggest you try the System Tree Diagnostic next.

Update your graphics drivers from the manufacture site.

Use the onboard sound system, remove the Creative system if you have that as well as the Creative drivers.

Then see if this continues.

Best of luck with your system and keep me posted as to your efforts,

Darrell WV