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XPS 730 X i7 920 memory

When I purchased the XPS 730X i7 920 with 6gb of memory I new in the future I would be upgrading my memory.

I tired to add Crucial 3 x 4gb 240 pin ddr3 pc3 10600 1333mhz to my pc. It would not detect. I tried to ajust and make sure a good fit was done, but nothing. If I had one old memory 1066 2gb and another of the new, I could get to the bios. However it would see the ram in the slot, but not detect. I tired to adjust the ram to run slower, but nothing works.

Anyone know why this is not working? I was led to believe that the board will take 1066 and up, with 1, 2, or 4 gb card with a max of 12gb.

Maybe there is a bios upgrade needed?

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Darrell WV
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Re: XPS 730 X i7 920 memory

Hello higgdann,


Please take the time to read the Technical Specifications page on the Dell web site for the 730X, you will see that the MOBO will only support 6 GB of memory.

Tri-Channel DDR3 SDRAM system Memory8
Three (3) user-accessible DIMM slots
3GB3 DDR3 1066MHz (3 x 1GB3 DIMMs)
6GB DDR3 1066MHz (3 x 2GB3 DIMMs)

Additional information from the Dell XPS Club forum:

How Do I Change The Color LEDS & Fans?
Service Manual
Dell Knowledge Base Articles<ADMIN NOTE: Broken link has been removed from this post by Dell>

* Enter XPS 730x in the Search blank
* Click Search
* Click Show All Knowledge Base Articles

CPU Data
Intel Quad Core i7-920 (2.66GHz, 8MB L2 cache)
Intel Quad Core i7-940 (2.93GHz, 8MB L2 cache)
Intel Quad Core i7-965 Extreme Edition Bloomfield (3.20GHz, 8MB L2 cache)

Motherboard Data
Chipset = Intel X58
Southbridge = Intel 82801JR ICH12R
LPCIO = Fintek F71882F

DDR3 1067MHz PC3-8500
DDR3 1600MHz PC3-12800
DDR3 1333MHz PC3-10600
DDR3 1800MHz PC3-14400 Corsair Dominator CM3X1024-1800C8D/DELL

Expansion Slots
2 PCI Express x1
3 PCI Express x16

External connectors
IEEE 1394 Front and back panel 6-pin serial connectors, Two Network adapters, PS/2 keyboard/mouse Two 6-pin mini-DIN connector, USB two front-panel, six back-panel, and four internal USB 2.0-compliant connectors, Audio HDA 7.1 channel sound on rear; S/PDIF out on rear; headphone and microphone jacks on front, internal S/PDIF Drive one eSATA port.

Audio Cards
7.1 channel RealTek High Definition Audio
Sound Blaster X-Fi ExtremeGamer (D)

Video Cards
Two nVidia GeForce GTX280 2048MB SLI
nVidia GeForce GTX280 1024MB
Ati Radeon HD4870X2 1024MB

Fans are stuck or messed up
* Open the Dell XPS Thermal Monitor application
* Remove the check from Default
* Change the Fan speeds
* Click Apply
* Put the check back to Default
* Click Apply

XPS 730x Core I7 Extreme 965 overclocking
Windows System properties and Windows Device Manager will only show the CPU as 3.20GHz. The only way to verify the overclock settings have worked is to view them in CPU-Z.

CPU Configuration Screen
XD Bit Capability = Enabled
SpeedStep = Enabled
C-STATE Tech = Disabled
C State package Limit = C6 (greyed out)

Frequency/Voltage Control Screen
QPI Frequency = Auto
Memory Ratio = Auto
XMP Support = Disabled
CPU Core (Non-turbo) Ratio = 24

Overclock Configuration Screen
Adjust CPUBC1k (MHz) = 133
Spread Spectrum = Enabled
Adjust PCI Frequency (MHz) = Auto
Adjust PCI-E Frequency (MHz) = 100
Intel TurboMode Tech = Enabled
1 - 4 core turbo speed limit = 28 H2C (28x133 = 3724 MHz), 26 Air Cooled (26x133=3458 MHz)
Tdc = 180 H2C, 160 Air Cooled
Tdp = 200 H2C, 180 Air Cooled

Overvoltage Configuration Screen
Dynamic CPU Vcore Offset = +120mv H2C, +80mv Air Cooled
DDR3 Memory Voltage = Auto
I0H Voltage = 1.10V
QPI and Uncore Voltage = Default


Best on your XPS,

Darrell WV

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Re: XPS 730 X i7 920 memory

Well this is just like when I bought my 630. Mis-leading information. In my Quick Refernce guide it says in plain writing on page 65

Memory for the Dell XPS 730x,

Type : 1066 MHZ and faster DDR3 unbuffered SDRAM;  XMP memory.

Memory Capacities: DDR3 : 1 gb, 2 gb, and 4 gb - XMP 1GB and 2 GB

Minimum memory : 3 GB

Maximum memory : 12 GB.

This just shows me that the Quick Refernce guide for the xps 730x is not what the machine will really do.

why is the book say one thing and everone else says diffrence. Like when I got my 630, it was to be SLI and it would not do, they had to send me a whole new machine with a new motherboard. I guess I have to go back to old school ways and build my own machine. I just thought I could put trust in to a company big like dell to match up what they say and do.


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Re: XPS 730 X i7 920 memory

It appears that Dell is offering 12 gigs(3x4gig) of ram for the xps 730x systems now. i just checked by customizing one of the systems and looking at the memory options.

i think higgdan just got the wrong kinda of ram. he got the pc3 10600 1333mhz instead of pc3 8500 1066mhz.

still though. Dell is asking for 2000 bucks!

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Re: XPS 730 X i7 920 memory

You will be able to use the RAM you have pruchased, but only after Dell release the 1.0.3 BIOS to the public, whicih incorporates Support for 12GB of RAM

Alienware Area 51 ALX

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Re: XPS 730 X i7 920 memory

I was just on the phone with 2 separate people at tech suport asking them about whether or not the XPS 730x that I have would actually take 12 gigs. Neither one could tell me the definitively if it could and made no mention of the bios. Did you get this info from tech support?

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Re: XPS 730 X i7 920 memory

Also, I ordered mine in early june and received it late june 2009 but it was before there was offerings of 12 gigs of ram. I checked my bios and it is running 1.0.3.

I would love to know for sure if this all true. I think i found compatible ram at crucial for $479.99


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Re: XPS 730 X i7 920 memory

I got the information from when it was on the website and in the book I recieved when I got the 730 x. I now have the bios 1.0.2 with 8 gb of ram but, I am not sure if it will take the full 12 with 1.0.3 I am waiting for the bios to release to the public to download and try. http://www.crucial.com/store/partspecs.aspx?IMODULE=CT3KIT51272BB1067 does work with it, how ever on my system only detects 8 gb, but I do not have the 1.0.3 bios.

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Re: XPS 730 X i7 920 memory

thanks for the info. i hope the ram works. i'm ordering it. i have another i7 pc from gateway (FX6800-01e), it has 12 gigs of ram and right now it is outshining my XPS 730x when I'm using it for motion graphics apps like after effects.

weird thing is i didnt get a booklet with my XPS. I got all sorts of gaming accesories with it but not a booklet.

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Re: XPS 730 X i7 920 memory

So I got the ram from Crucial and it did not work. My XPS 730x HsC (currently 6 gigs of ram) running Vista Ultimate just beeps and keeps reboots. Can anyone tell me in fact if i bought the wrong kinda of ram or if this proves that this system can't handle 4gig sticks to add up to 12 gigs? Or do i need to adjust the bios before hand to not overclock, but what is the non-overclock settings?

here's a link to the crucial ram again.



thanks in advance

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