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XPS 730 - freezing during gaming

Hey all,

I'm hoping to get some help with a problem that's been going on for quite some time now.  I've had my XPS 730 for about a year now and recently installed Windows 7, but these problems existed prior to the new OS.  I currently have the 9800GX2 video card.

The problem: my computer randomly freezes when I play World of Warcraft and sometimes when I watch movies.  I mainly play WoW on this computer so I see this problem occur the most during gaming.  It all seems to happen at random; the screen will freeze and sometimes the music in the background will continuously play the same beat over and over (hard to explain).  I can't do anything to exit the game, ALT+F4 does not work, Windows key does not work etc.  I end up having to hold the power button to restart the computer.  I may be mistaken but I've noticed a faint 'Click' sound inside the tower the moment before it freezes.

Lately it's been getting scary because after I forcibly turn off my computer and then power it back on, nothing appears on the screen... The power light stays on the tower, the mouse/keyboard lights stay off and the monitor stays in sleep mode.  The fan continues to spin at this state.  I'm forced to hold the power button again to turn if off.  This repeats for a few minutes if I keep trying.  If I leave the computer off for a few minutes, it'll boot up normally again.  I've opened my system during this state to check the 'Hexadecimal Diagnostic LED Code' and it shows the number '92'.  I've checked the Support page for these codes and all it says for 92 - reserved...


I'm not very good with computers, people have suggested that it's my computer overheating.  But I have a hard time believing it's an issue with overheaing because there are days that my computer has not been used the entire day and it'll still freeze within a couple of minutes of logging into WoW. 

As far as I know, I have the latest video drivers and BIOS drivers.

Has anybody had this problem before?  Does anybody know a fix or have any suggestions?  Please help.


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