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XPS 730X i7 @ 3.73 GHz

Let me describe my experience so far...

Ordered a dell XPS 730X i7 @ 3.73 GHz, 6 gigs of RAM and dual GeForce GTX280   (Dec. 30, 2008)

After numerous delays the system finally arrived on Jan 20, 2009.  The computer had three major problems, wrong CPU 3.2 GHz, one hard drive was dead and it randomly restarted for no reason I could tell.  So I call dell up and arrange for a replacement to be sent because they sent me a computer with the incorrect CPU (I didn't tell them about the other problems because a complete replacement would fix that anyway).

After numerous delays the second computer arrived on March 2, 2009.  Computer was running well except they sent a 3.2 GHZ CPU AGAIN!  So I call up dell and quickly get to a manager, he tells me he will call me back a couple days later.  He calls me back and tells me that I am supposed to overclock the cpu myself.  I explain that it was clearly indicated on the website and on my bill that the cpu is "factory overclocked to 3.73 ghz".  So I request a complete refund, he tells me that can't be done because it has been more than 30 days since the order (I have only had the replacement for less than a week).  The manager told me he will call me back on monday to try to resolve this.  Overall a complete nightmare experience so far.  I plan to hold both computers hostage until I recieve a complete refund from dell and will likely contact my local news channel to do a report on it too.

To anyone who has purchased a 3.73 GHz i7 CPU from dell, did you get a 3.2 GHz cpu and get told by dell to overclock it yourself?

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Darrell WV
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Re: XPS 730X i7 @ 3.73 GHz

Hello dogboy2613 and welcome to the Dell general hardware forums,


First question I would ask is how do you know that the i7 is running at 3.2 GHz?   If you are using windows welcome center as your information, it reads only what Intel has imprinted as the chip identification speed (3.2 GHz).    If you run CPUz, you will notice that the screen will tell you what the speed is listed on the chip (still 3.2 GHZ) and then what the OC speed actually is running.

If you go to F2 screen when starting the unit, the opening screen will list the acutal speed the CPU is running as well, but that will require a restart.

Check these and see first, then post back what you find please.



Darrell WV

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Re: XPS 730X i7 @ 3.73 GHz

I did confirm the clock speed by checking the bios.  3.2 GHz

specifically 3.192 GHz

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Darrell WV
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Re: XPS 730X i7 @ 3.73 GHz

Okay then dogboy2613,


I do understand your frustration with the situation, however you can go into the BIOS and correct this error yourself fairly easily, and you have stated that you do understand how to open the BIOS, which is where you will overclock the CPU.  I do understand that you wanted Dell to do this for you, but yes, you can overclock your XPS 730X and it is a fairly straight forward process.

 I would suggest you start  by watching the DellVlog presentation on YouTube to get a feel for what you are going to need to do to overclock your rig.  You can watch the Dell Techs Phil and Russ walk you through the process at:



There are several DellVlog's on the XPS series there to watch that are great information.


Best on your new gaming rig,

Darrell WV

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Re: XPS 730X i7 @ 3.73 GHz


Darrell WV is correct. The i7-965 Extreme processor will only show 3.20GHz in the Windows System Properties and in the Device Manager- Processors. To check for the overclock settings -
* Reboot into the Bios

CPU Configuration Screen
XD Bit Capability = Enabled
SpeedStep = Enabled
C-STATE Tech = Disabled
C State package Limit = C6

Frequency/Voltage Control Screen
QPI Frequency = Auto
Memory Ratio = Auto
XMP Support = Disabled
CPU Core (Non-turbo) Ratio = 28

Overclock Configuration Screen
Adjust CPUBC1k (Mhz) = 133
Spread Spectrum = Enabled
Adjust PCI Frequency (Mhz) = Auto
Adjust PCI-E Frequency (Mhz) = 100
Intel TurboMode Tech = Enabled
1 core turbo speed limit = 28 (28x133 = 3.724)
2 core turbo speed limit = 28
3 core turbo speed limit = 28
4 core turbo speed limit = 28
Tdc = 180
Tdp = 200

Overvoltage Configuration Sceen
Dynamic CPU Vcore Offset = +120mv
DDR3 Memory Voltage = Auto
I0H Voltage = 1.10V
QPI and Uncore Voltage = Default

If yours use the above settings, then you are at 3.724.

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