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Re: XPS 730x General Hardware Discussion thread

You will have much better luck with getting your question answered on the Dell XPS 730 & 730x Facebook Group. We have 435 members and continue to grow daily.

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XPS 730x H2C (aluminum clear coat chassis)

Windows 7 Professional x64
Intel Core i7 920 @ 3.60ghz (soon-to-be a Core i7-975)
6gb Corsair Dominator DDR3-1600
(4) - 300GB VelociRaptors with (3) in RAID0
Western Digital MyBook 1TB
(2) - XFX Black Edition GTX 285's in SLI
(2) - DVD/RW+CD/RW Drives
Creative X-FI Titanium sound card
Logitech G5 laser gaming mouse (blue)
Logitech G19 gaming keyboard
Logitech G35 headset
Dell 3008WFP-30" LCD @ 2560x1600
X-TRAC Ripper mouse pad

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Re: XPS 730x General Hardware Discussion thread

trying to upgrade my old xps 730 with intel qx9770.

ram install= 16 gig G-skill

i install 2x=2GPU each evga nvidia 590.

evga 1500 watts PSU.

only way to achieve quad SLI without overheating (in my opinion) is to keep buying dual GPU in 1 card.

i'm an SLI lover since 9800gx2 cameout.

installing 4x nvidia 580 or 680, there are not enough space and i blame it to motherboard manufacturer.

4x 580 or 680 air cool, not enough space inside PC.

i decide to install 2x EVGA nvidia 590 in quad SLI mode.

everytime i run 3D Mark 11 advance edition, my PC keep shutting down.

i tried to run in 1 x 590, same thing.

under nvidia performance tools,

i have to disable "multi-GPU; Maximized 3D performance" and click the dot to "disable multi-GPU mode and my PC do not shut down anymore.

my question is, why install dual GPU in 590 or 690, if we can only use 1 GPU at a time in old dell XPS 730 with 790 i ultra FTW motherboard.

IDk what is the culprit in dell XPS 730 installing 590 or 690.

GPU temp is only 50 to 60 degrees centigrade, xpanel removed with huge home Fan on side to cool down evrything inside my PC.

i wanna make sure it's not the temp is the one keep shutting down my PC.

I custom order a new alienware aurora r4, i7 3960x extreme, turbo boost to 3.9 (i turbo boost to 4.2) but it is in default intel factory is 3.6 (not 3.3 as intel claim it).

it's very fast @ 3.6, no need to turbo boost it.

nvidia 690, i upgrade the RAM from 16 gig to 32 gig g skill.

anyway, i did install 2x 590 and the system or my PC do not shutdown by itself anymore with factory 875 watts PSU.

conclussion: there's nothing wrong with nvidia 590.

i love my xps 730 and dell stop making custom order high end gaming PC so i'm back to alienware again.

anyone knows what are the culprit why xps 730 canNOT handle 2x nvidia 590 or 690 or even 1 590 or 690??

Do i need to change the motherboard to x79 with i7 3960X which will cost me another $1,300+.

same as my new alienware r4 specification.

1x690 is more than $1k each and i don't mind spending to keep my dell xps 730 up to date.

xps 730 is the only tower that's huge enough to work on or upgrade the hardwares.

my alienware r4 case is too small compare to xps 730 or even my old alienware area 51 alx are small.

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