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XPS 8300, AMD Radeon R7 370 upgrade

Have an XPS 8300 that came stock with a AMD HD 6670. It broke so I bought a Radeon R7 370 and a 600W power supply. As it is power goes to GPU (green light comes on) but it doesn't load any video. I remove the power and the Intel HD works. Am I still missing some power, or is there something else I'm missing ?

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RE: XPS 8300, AMD HD 6670 upgrade

The 2010 XPS 8300 has the Legacy bios. Is there a switch on the R7 370 video card to move from UEFI bios to Legacy bios? If not, you will need to search for a video card that has the switch. Read this.

The best OEM AMD video cards we validated in the 2010 XPS 8300 are as follows =

8F60V AMD Radeon HD6670
8PJF8 AMD Radeon HD6770
Y9XH7 AMD Radeon HD6870
4VDWW AMD Radeon HD6950

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