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XPS 8300 - Windows 7 Reset / Reinstall

Objective: Reset Windows 7 back to factory settings. 

System: Intel i7 2600 Processor, 8GB RAM, 500GB SSD, 

Context: I want to reset my XPS 8300 back to factory settings. I have replaced the original HDD with a new SSD (transferred Windows 7 and application using an image).The original HDD that came with the system has now failed so I no longer have the system reboot/reset partition provided by Dell nor can I find the Windows 7 DVD. 

I now have a SSD with Windows 7 and other applications installed on it. I also have a secondary HDD where my personal data and media are stored. 

Question: I have downloaded Dell Backup and Recovery and I wish to know if this can help me achieve my objective. If I backup my entire SSD (containing Windows 7 + applications + some data) using Dell Backup and Recovery, can I use this backup to reset my system back to factory settings (with no applications or data showing)? 

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