XPS 8300 motherboard failure again !!!


I have a dell xps 8300 purchased in 2011, just after the 1 year return to base warranty ran out the motherboard failed and I have to have it replaced at my expense (vey costly) by dell.

It appears that this has happen yet again this weekend, as the machine will not switch on.

Are these motherboards faulty and prone to failure I note there was a recall of some of these boards, I was never contacted about getting it replaced.

Machine running the i7 chip, I have a very expensive dell brick for the second time in 4 years bearing in mind this machine cost nearly £1000. It poor quality to say the least.

Any ideas and can it be repaired? and if so does this need to be done by dell.


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RE: XPS 8300 motherboard failure again !!!

How do you know it's the motherboard? It could actually be a power supply problem...?

will not switch on

If you explain that in more detail, maybe somebody can help you troubleshoot.

Any PC shop should be able to swap the motherboard if you can't do it yourself. You can probably find an XPS 8300 board on eBay, etc.


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RE: XPS 8300 motherboard failure again !!!

I suggest installing a high-quality power supply. If the motherboard still doesn't work, a new one can be found on eBay. If you're really adventurous, you can swap in an aftermarket board, but some rewiring is needed.

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RE: XPS 8300 motherboard failure again !!!

Thanks for your replies,

When I hit the power button nothing happens - although the green light at the back of the case comes on.

What after market board would people recommend ?

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RE: XPS 8300 motherboard failure again !!!

Green Light on the back is BIST.  Does not indicate that power supply is good.  Only indicates that power is available at the input aka AC side.What happens when you press and hold the BIST button on the back?


The Green LED on the back does not mean that the power supply is good.

The BIST (Built in Self test) is what that LED and button are for.


Power Supply Self Diagnostic Features
Some Dell computers have power supplies that include a self-diagnostic feature. The test button for the power supply is visible on the back of the system. This LED is not the same as the flea power LED on the motherboard (which also only says +5VSB is working NOT the Power supply is OK). Press and hold the self-diagnostic switch on the power supply -
* If the LED stays green, the supply is functioning
* If the LED stays off, get the power supply replaced

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