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XPS 8300 works perfect with NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750 Ti (manufacturer NVIDIA)

Hi all,

I have a XPS 8300 from 2011.  

My son wanted to upgrade his GPU (he has a Erazer 310 (www.inet.se/.../lenovo-erazer-x310-gtx-750) which has a Nvidia GTX 750 Ti like this one (www.notebookcheck.net/NVIDIA-GeForce-GTX-750-Ti-Desktop-Graphics-Card.126721.0.html)

So I thought it was the perfect time to take his 750 Ti and upgrade both PC's at the same time.

I took my GPU out of the XPS 8300 and inserted the 750 TI. Nothing happened. The PC did not recognize the card.

Then I started to read all types of discussions, problems, adventures and what not, about this PC and a GPU upgrade. Man, I was about to do a BIOS flashing without even knowing what that meant...I have to admit that it has been 2 very interesting days and I have learnt a lot and then...

Then I found the simpliest video with the simplest explanation on how to do proceed. I tried it and completely succeeded in about 15 minutes (plus 10 minutes of downloading a driver).

So, here is the link to the video. The video is in Spanish but these are the SO LOGICAL steps (www.youtube.com/watch):

I added two steps on my own and then followed the video:

1. My step: Turn on the PC and unistall the stock GPU (from the device manager)

2. Turn of the computer.

The video explanation starts in second 50:

3.Disconnect the power (for security reasons).

4. Open the case and extract the GPU you currently have (he does not show this in the video)

5. Check that at least you have 300 W. The XPS 8300 has a 460 W power supply so it is completely enough.

6. Insert the card in the PCI where you had the stock card.

7. Close the case.

8. Connect all cables.

9. Turn on the system (you will notice that the screen does not look very good. It is vecause we are not finished). Proceed to 10.

10. Go to the official NVIDIA website and download GeforceExperience. (www.geforce.com/geforce-experience)   or watch this video for details (English) www.youtube.com/watch

11.  Once Geforce Experience is downloaded it will start a scan on your system, detect your card and automatically download and install the correct drivers.

12. I believe it will ask you to re-start the system.

13. Re-start and there you are! Now you have NVIDIA GeForce 750 TI in your DELL XPS 8300.

I hope this was helpful!!!