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XPS 8500 HD failing

My 11 month old all of a sudden showed a bad sector on the HD.  1TB WD drive.  Ran the full disk check and it produced:

SMART Extended Self Test - Failed - WHD13-VZD

Dell send a replacement drive, however after copying the data to it, I ran My Dell and it showed it had 8 bad sectors and recommended a full disk check.  1TB Seagage drive now.  This produced:

SMART Extended Self Test - Failed - WHD13-UZQ

On the phone with Dell, the tech wanted to install some supposed to be software however he was downloading it from some unkown web site - I immediately stopped him from doing this.  He the wanted to run another full disk check but now it produced:

Targeted Read Test - Failed - WHD20-WT9

What else could be going on other than a bad replacement?

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RE: XPS 8500 HD failing

FYI - The Dell support rep wanted to run additional tests by installing a Dell tool.  No problem with it, except he wanted to download it from nanoheal.com

I mean, if you're going to run additional tools these better come directly from Dell.com

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