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XPS 8700 - Realtek Audio Sound Problems

I have a new XPS 8700 system (one month old) which continues to have audio problems.  Even with the Wave MaxxAudio  turned off the audio output has too much mid range and the bass/treble is cut off and the sound is much worse than it should.  When the MaxxAudio is on the bass and treble are too high (even at the lowest settings).  Is it possible to uninstall the MaxxAudio software without uninstalling the Realtek driver?  If I were to update the Realtek driver (factory installed version now) would I have the option to not install the MaxxAudio software?  The MaxxAudio application does not appear in the list of Programs in the Control Panel -> Programs and Features.

I noticed when I reviewed the Device Manager sound components that there are three entries: 1) the Dell AC211 Stereo, 2) the NVIDIA High Definition Audio and 3) the Realtek High Definition Audio.  Are the NVIDIA and Realtek competing with each other?  There are both enabled (as far as I can tell).

Thanks for any help.

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