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XPS 8700 SSD installation issue

Hi All,

I have a new desktop XPS 8700 with Windows 7 64-bit that came with 1 TB hard drive.

I bought Samsung 256 GB 840 EVO Series SSD to replace the slow hard drive.

When using Recovery discs (DVDs) created with Dell back up &recovery software, Windows 7 starts loading,

but then I get the message that my drive is to small and should be around 980 GB (1 TB) or so!!

Why do i need  1 TB hard drive, when to 256 GB is plenty big for Windows 7 OS, all drivers, applications and anything else.

Why is the recovery software looking exactly at 1 TB hard drive?

In the past, I have replaced 640 GB hard drive with 240 GB SSD on my DV 7 HP laptop, using recovery discs (DVDs), created with HP back up software.

Does anybody knows how to resolve this? Is there any work around this?

Life would be so much simpler, if manufacturers, Dell in this case, have provided OS disc, as they use to do years ago.

Thank you,


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