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XPS 8700 UEFI Firmware

How can I get UEFI Firmware for MY XPS 8700?  I have the latest windows 10 Pro (64-bit) version and the primary disk is upgraded to GPT vs MBR.  The system now boots to EFI, but the F2 Post Key still takes me to the old Legacy BIOS.  There are so many great settings in the UEFI Firmware for my Inspiron 17 (5767) laptop that I'd like to have the same capability for my XPS 8700.

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RE: XPS 8700 UEFI Firmware

Short answer is you don't.  The BIOS/UEFI system is generally setup however Dell and the BIOS manufacturer want it to be.  Its also possible your laptop may have access to features or functions your XPS 8700 does not have, hence why its not there.

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RE: XPS 8700 UEFI Firmware

Is "Load Legacy OPROM" and/or Secure Boot enabled in BIOS setup?

You may be able to access advanced UEFI settings if you turn those settings off...BUT...some systems may fail to boot when that change is made. So if you try this, be sure all your files are backed up on external media first, and be prepared to reinstall Windows, drivers, software if it fails to boot after you make that change, because re-enabling those settings again might not allow it to boot either...


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RE: XPS 8700 UEFI Firmware

MBR booting is NOT an option with UEFI systems.  ONLY GPT partitions.

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