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XPS 8700 Upgrade Question

Hi, I Purchased Dell XPS 8700 Desktop with additional 1x8gb memory module, and I have couple of tech questions. 1. Original factory 2x4GB Dimms installed on slots 1 & 2. Shall I install my 1x8GB dim in slot 3? Or shall I install 1x8GB dim in slot 1 and move factory installed dims to slots 3&4 2. I created Factory recovery disks (3 DVDs). Original 1TB HDD contains 500MB EFI, 40MB, 2GB, 919GB Primary and 9.33Gb partitions. I disconnected 1TB drive, installed win8.1 pro on SSD, connected original drive and left all hidden factory partitions, ONLY formatted 919GB Primary moved my documents etc. to 1TB drive(D) for storage. Changed the Boot in bios to SSD. It works Great and boots in 6 Sec flat. Should I have deleted those hidden partitions using DiskPart? Only reason I left them I thought I might not be able to factory recovery on original HDD in future using my created factory recovery DVDs without those partitions. Kind Regards Med
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RE: XPS 8700 Upgrade Question

Yes, you will probably have to put your two 4GB DIMMs in the white slots, then the 8GB DIMM in slot 3.

Yes, you should have deleted the other partitions you did not want during or before the install.  Having reinstalled the OS from scratch made the factory recovery useless, so you might as well delete it now.

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