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XPS 8700 desktop graphics cards

Will a EVGA 02G-P4-2758-KR graphics card fit and work in my XPS 8700?

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RE: XPS 8700 desktop graphics cards

It should once you install the XPS 8700 Bios A10. If you later decide to upgrade the power supply, the Corsair line seems to be one most chosen by users. The instructions below are tailored for users with a Dell Nvidia video card upgrading to a retail Nvidia video card. But you get the idea. 

Read through the XPS 8700 Owner's Manual on how to open the case cover page 15, remove and install the video card pages 24-29.
* Be sure that the XPS 8700 is stable using our video card and the latest Nvidia driver
* Disconnect all USB HDD, etc. Only have the monitor, mouse, network, and keyboard connected to the XPS 8700
* Download/Save the A10 Bios from here
* Run the Bios executable. Do NOT restart manually. Allow the Bios executable to do it
* Once back into Windows, be sure that the system is stable
* Click Start- Shutdown
* Turn the monitor off
* Disconnect the monitor from the video card
* Remove the XPS 8700 power cord from the rear of the tower
* Lay the XPS 8700 on its right side
* Remove the leftside panel
* Remove our Dell video card from the PCIe x16 motherboard slot
* Install the retail video card. Be sure it clicks when inserted into the slot
* Be sure to check that if needed, the power supply leads are plugged into the video card
* Close the cover and stand the XPS 8700 up
* Connect the monitor to the video card
* Reconnect the power cord to the rear of the XPS 8700
* Turn the monitor on, then the XPS 8700

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