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XPS 8900, Sony Bravia TV, no audio

I just got an XPS 8900 and I connected it to my Sony Bravia TV using HDMI. My TV is connected to a sound bar and was hoping to get audio from my desktop through the sound bar. For some reason audio is not working through the desktop and TV. Is there anything I must do in settings to change this?

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RE: Xps8900 no audio after connecting tower to tv

Is HDMI video being sent to the TV?

Which HDMI out are you using from the XPS 8900? The onboard middle HDMI out or the bottom added discrete video card HDMI out? If a video card is added, the onboard HDMI out is disabled.

I would take the soundbar out of the troubleshooting. Enable the TV speakers =

Do you then get audio from the XPS 8900 HDMI cable connected to the TV? If not, on the Windows taskbar right, open the speaker playback on the XPS 8900 and make sure that the correct HDMI is green checked Enabled.

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