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XPS 8900 and Kingston Hyper X Fury RAM

Purchased a new Dell XPS desktop from Best Buy May 2016. Stock RAM is unknown 8GB x 2.

Bought some Kingston memory from Amazon to add to this machine, I purchased Hyper X Fury HX421C14FB2/8 DDR4 8GB 2133 Mhz x2 and when it came, installed in my machine two empty RAM slots. Shut off power, restart machine (Windows 10) and machine did not boot, only got flashing amber power light, 2 flashes, then 7 flashes, then repeat...

Removed Hyper X RAM, machine boots normally as before.

Kingston website memory finder tool says I should have bought Kingston KCP421ND8/8 8GB

Not sure what the difference is, if any? Anyone have any insight into why this Hyper X Fury did not work? Any idea if I can use this Hyper X Fury RAM or am I hosed and just get the RAM recommended by the Kingston website app?

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