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XPS 8920, Selecting memory, latency question

I'm thinking of adding RAM to my XPS 8920 computer. According to CPU-z the OEM RAM installed is a pair of Samsung DDR4 -2400 RAM with a CL of 17. On eBay I can either purchase the same RAM with a CL of 17 or a couple of no name  brands with a CL of 15 for the same price. Will the lower latency make much (any) difference? Or am I better off buying the same RAM that's in the other two slots?

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RE: XPS 8920, Selecting memory, latency question

OEM part numbers are listed below =

Four DIMM slots. 64GB maximum. Validated DDR4 (288pin/Unbuffered/NonECC/1.2v) memory modules =
YXC0V 16GB, 2400MHz, 2Rx8, Dual Rank
V51K2 16GB, 2133MHz, 2Rx8, Dual Rank
M0VW4 8GB, 2400MHz, 1Rx8, Single Rank
FN6XK 8GB, 2133MHz, 2Rx8, Dual Rank
GTWW1 4GB, 2400MHz, 1Rx16, Single Rank
61H6H 4GB, 2133MHz, 1Rx8, Single Rank

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