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XPS One 27 - nothing but problems

After 20 happy years with Dell's, I got a XPS One 27 in November. This has been nothing but trouble, and I have spent hours and hours on the phone to Dell Support.

In March, after the windows updates, it started locking up and it was recommended I reinstall Windows. To get everything back the way it should be took 3 solid days of work!

Since then, I have been having persistent problems with the display. So Dell sent an engineer to replace the LCD and the motherboard. The LCD is better but this has caused lots of other problems!

- My NVIDIA graphics card is GONE! I assume it wasn't replaced or the motherboard was wrong

- The Ethernet port doesn't work. I've tried different cables etc. I'm stuck on wifi.

- General performance is poor, takes 28 seconds to boot instead of 17 before. WHY? Have I been given inferior equipment?

- Fan noise is much worse. Cant see any settings to change this

I am seriously regretting spending 2,000 on this piece of junk.

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RE: XPS One 27 - nothing but problems

Suggest you repost this on the Customer Care forum, and / or contact Dell via facebook or twitter.


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