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XPS One on Windows 7: some features missing

When I upgraded my XPS One to Windows 7, two things stopped working, neither a big deal, but it would be nice to restore them. 1) the touch screen buttonfor ejecting a CD beeps but does nothing. Not sure about the other buttons there.  2)  The volume control on the keyboard works, but it used to open the volume control on the screen so you could see how loud you are making it.  I've seen some references to a quickset32 download, but it appears to be for XPS laptops, not a desktop all in one like I have. Any suggestions?

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Re: XPS One on Windows 7: some features missing

Hi GermGuy,

Welcome to the Community. Please install Cypress Semiconductor Touch Panel Media Key application. You can download this driver from the following link.

Kindly revert back and let me know for further clarifications.

Thanks and regards,

Vishwas M

Certified Dell Social Media Communities Professional

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