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XPS case hums

The CD ROM drives on my XPS mid-tower have always rattled and hummed quite loudly. Has anyone had a simliar experience? It's done this all thru the warranty period and now I'm a month and a half out of warranty. All the other Dell laptops and desktops I've had (numerous) have been solidly built but for a  faster machine, this box is plastic and cheaply built. The hum is so loud you can easily hear it well down the hall. My only hope is that it scares the rats and roaches as much as it keeps me awake at nights. :)
Any help is appreciated.
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My new xps 720 sounds like a coffee pot when the water is heating up , that little rumble that water makes at boiling point.. other than that its quiet  the fan noise is noticeable but acceptable
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Yea I think Dell has gone downhill these past few years.

I only found out that Dell had installed thousands of incorrectly made Chinese Foxconn CPU coolers in XPS Gen series for over a year after I got it.
So they didn't notice this? If you see the pictures side by side its easy to notice.
Or did they do a Mattel and try to hide it?
They did not publicize it and kept it quiet.
They did learn and do the right thing for the Motherboard replacement on the XPS 700 series.

Since you're out of warranty, I've heard installing large fat rubber bands can absorb the noise. Also some have removed the rails and used that spongy double sided tape to hold the hard drives, or CD burners in place. But then of course don't throw it around or move it with just tape or rubber bands. But if its stuck on a desktop it can quiet the noise.
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Thanks. I opened the case and found the CD trays touching. I put a small piece of felt between them. I almost miss that noise. Almost. I have to remember to replace that felt in my McGyver kit.
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My XPS 410 rumbles, rattles and buzzes like crazy. It's pretty annoying and is probably the last straw in my evaporating loyalty to Dell. I've since bought a Compaq laptop and have been impressed.
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