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XPS fan issue

Yesterday I was using my xps 8300 and one of the fans kicked on, but it was much louder than it had ever been  and it wouldn't turn off. Now whenever I power on my computer the fan turns on at a high rpm and won't turn off even when the computer is idle.  I've used compressed air on all the internal components and checked all the screws to make sure everything is still tight.  The bios is updated and diagnosis tests couldn't find a problem. Not sure what could be causing this. In the 3 years I've own the computer it's never been a problem

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RE: XPS fan issue


The rate at which the system fan spins is monitored by the system BIOS. Even after updating system BIOS and clearing the air vents if the issue is still not resolved then we suspect system fan replacement is needed.

If the issue still persist even after replacing system BIOS then system board replacement should be necessary.


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