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XPS one 27 blu ray display and problems with 2 graphics cards.

I recently acquired an i7 version of this with them nvidia card. I am not much into media but as I had. Blu ray I thought I'd try it. Given that the screen seems to be 1.33 times "standard" 1080p so I was expecting either spectacular full screen or at worst a square in the middle using the standard pixels. What I got, using the cyber suite supplied by dell was 1st a warning about the need to lower the resolution, and then a strip across the middle using the full width of the screen but only 2/3 of the height. So I wonder is it using the integrated graphics chip? Given the resolution warning I tried to tag every .exe in the cyber suite with use high res rather than the integrated card but no joy. Is there something I should do I am not very familiar with media playing software .... I did add Microsoft media centre but that took one look at the resolution and gave up. Do i need to pay for more cyber suite? Or should I use something else? As a general point, the ability to choose between the integrated and full graphic card is not very useful .... I am not going to be using the XPS one on battery. 1) dell shipped it with the default graphics set to integrated 2) apps, particularly those that think they "know" about graphics (e.g. games) seem to detect the low res card and offer max resolutions of 1280 .... Overriding whether possible with registry keys/ini files lets me use the full res at great frame rates 3) apps which use multiple .exe components e.g. Loaders and flash screens seem to be worst ... Tagging the launcher to use high res doesn't seem to stop other parts defaulting to low. So final question .... Is there anyway to turn off the integrated graphics? ( I know you can change the software default and I did look in the part of the UEFI bios that we can see) Thanks
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Re: XPS one 27 blu ray display and problems with 2 graphics cards.

Blue Ray is all about copy protection.  May require Updated Video, HDCP compatable Display NO VGA must be HDCP aka DVI or HDMI.  May also require Cyberlink upgrade etc.  I usually buy New OEM Samsung BD Burner that comes with OEM Cyberlink software then go online and update firmware on the BD Drive as well as update the Cyberlink software.

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