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XPS stops tries to reboot and can't find boot disc

Dell XPS 8500 – 8gb RAM – about 4 years old windows 10 – all drivers and updates installed

After running Malwarebytes (no issues) the screen froze and Ctrl/alt/delete did not register so had to turn off with power button.  Booted up OK but since then I have this issue (maybe sheer co-incidence and nothing to do with Malwarebytes of course).

If I leave the machine running with no mouse or keyboard actions, after about 20 minutes it shuts itself down seems to try to reboot but goes to a black screen with the message saying there is no bootable drive but that all the hard drives are installed. If you then turn off the Dell with power button and then start up it boots beautifully.  As long as you are working on the computer nothing happens.  If you end your session with putting the Dell to sleep, then on reawakening (even after many hours) all is fine.  It’s leaving it alone that causes the issue.  CHKDSK run from dos says all is fine with my C drive.

Any thoughts?  Many thanks - john

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RE: XPS stops tries to reboot and can't find boot disc

Did malawarebytes report and/or quarantine any files? Try 'freeing" the file(s).

Try disabling Sleep and Hibernation in the active Windows Power plan.

When was last time you replaced the motherboard battery?

Just because chkdsk said the disk is ok, doesn't mean some Windows file(s) didn't get corrupted...


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RE: XPS stops tries to reboot and can't find boot disc

Hard Drive may be physically bad. You will need to reinstall os on a new drive then attempt to recover data "which may be impossible at this point" from the old drive via USB Drive wire.

Either way a new drive is recommended given the physical age of the drive.

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