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XPS420 UBS Hardware/Driver failure

Hello my Friends,

I am here searching for some help in the most strange bug i have ever seen!

I have a Desktop XPS420. I know, is a old desktop but it works perfectly and quite fast!

Despite of non official drivers, i was using windows 10 10.586 normally on it, not even a bug! So i was trying to update do windows 10 anniversary (14.393) but i was getting some errors because of an old Microsoft office 2010 installed.

Then i used the windows 10 restore option to get it "clean" so a update shouldn't be a problem. Everything ran well, no errors, nothing. But after the restore is done, i just dont have any USB entrance working! All my USB ports are literally, offline. Doesn't even have power!

My first though was that it burned somehow, but i realized that in BIOS setup and any other "pre-boot" screen, everything works perfectly, all usb ports, etc.

So, i think that this weird situation is caused by drivers issues. Then I ask to expertises, how can I solve it? Does anyone know a driver version compatible with windows 10?

obs : I am really <ADMIN NOTE: Substitute character removed as per TOU>. Since the UBS doesn't work, how do I control my desktop when there is only USB entrance for keyboard and mouse? LOL

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