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XPS700 Video card upgrade


Good morning folks
I am looking for a video card upgrade for my  now ageing xps 700 and was wondering if the people in the community can help. As my warranty is  gone and i am having a little trouble with my front panel switch i am looking to buy a new card for my beastie. The current config is 4gb ram, 512mb PCIe x16 ATI Radeon X1900 XTX , XP Pro,creative sound card etc. As this machine is used mainly for  - photoshop -  graphics and gaming, just finished call of duty modern warfare 2 - again ! i can afford to spend a bit on the gpu but im not into overclocking as it has to work reliably first time for the applications i use. This is the cheaper option then getting a new system at the moment though that would have to be considered  later Your thoughts on this subject appreciated

Thanks UKW

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Re: XPS700 Video card upgrade

You have either a 750 or 1k w supply so your pretty well set on the power supply end. You can run almost any of the current cards. depends on how much you want to spend You can run any of the Nvidia 400 series cards which is what i would recommend


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