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XPS720 Sound Failure Windows 7, Onboard Audio

Hi i am currently running a XPS 720 with Windows 7.
I have had Windows 7 on the machine for years and only recently have experienced sound
problems. Audio Does not play, or play a test tone. Audio also doesnt work with my USB
Gigaware Headset(basicaly its own external soundcard).

I have tried the following steps.

-Downloaded and Installed the newest Audio driver 'SIGMATEL STAC 92XX C-Major HD Audio
Driver Version A03'.
-Purchased a new external sound card thinking that may be the problem. I disable the
onboard soundcard prior to installing the new drivers. After installing it, i
troubleshooted it in every which way, to get it to work and play a test tone or sound. Many
long calls with Diamond customer service (the new cards manufacturer) but no luck.
-Removed PCI soundcard and re enabled onboard audio.
-Removed the video driver and reinstalling the current one without the audio.
-tried restarting the windows audio service in services.msc
-Uninstalled a Windows Update that was said to cause the sound problem (link below)


I also tried these:

I am stumped, been researching and trying things for 3 weeks now to alleviate this problem. I was wondering if I am missing something here?Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.

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