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XPS8700 - Criteria for new HDD?


I am thinking of replacing my supplied  2Tb HDD with a 6Tb HDD. I need to have a quiet disk, and to run not too hot.

I want to avoid rushing out and bunging one inside only to find there is an issue.  What do I need to look for in the specs?

Would the WD Black Sata series be ok?

Anyone recommend one that definately would work well?

Thanks for any help....


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RE: XPS8700 - Criteria for new HDD?

Black series runs the hottest of all the series.  The more RPM's the more power used and the hotter it gets.  

5400 RPM Green  

5400 RPM  Blue 

7200 RPM   Black.




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RE: XPS8700 - Criteria for new HDD?

Thank you guys! I really appreciate the info.

Last questions I think:

Can I be sure that the current Dell BIOS A11 will be appropriate for the larger drives 6-10Tb?


assuming I am not simply going to replace the whole system, is there any way to measure how much life is left in the MSATA ?  - because that also raises a 'planning ahead' for suitable replacement. It has more or less been in use 16 hrs a day since new.

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