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XPS8700 Memory Upgrade

I currently have 4  4GB sticks in the memory slots.  Can I add two 8GB strips in place of two 4GB strips for a total of 24 GB?

I am sure there are certain things that have to be addressed with the new cards and that is what I need some input on.

What is in there now are as follows.  4GB 2RX8-12800U 11-12 B1    HMT 351U6EFR8C  PB No AA 1407.    I really don't know exactly what this nomenclature means and how it would apply to any new strips I would have to get.


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RE: XPS8700 Memory Upgrade


This system is designed to work with DDR3 and DDR3L (1.5 V) Memory (Non-ECC only) 1600 MHz. The maximum memory supported on this system is about 32gb.

Hoping this helps.


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