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XPS8900 Repair/Warranty Problem

I'm not sure where to post this so here goes....I'm having real problems with my wife's new (DEC 2015) XPS8900

Purchased a 2 new XPS8900's in December 2015 and had a hardware failure (Blue Screen with 0114 and 0122 faults) in early September 2016 with one of them while the machine was still in factory warranty. Called tech support and they told me that the i7 chip and the RAM had failed so I boxed up the computer and sent it to Houston for repair. Two weeks later the computer came back with those parts replaced, however the computer now had additional problems that it did not have prior. The SSD Drive was now inaccessible, MS Edge crashed when executed, MacAfee software disappeared, and there is now a BTServer.exe error message on boot to desktop. 6 Hours later after multiple phone calls to the far east and 2 dial-ins to the computer from tech support, they tell me that I now have to re-box up the computer and send it back to Houston once more. We box up the machine again and this time included a laundry list of problems that the machine now has. Back to Houston it went. Two weeks later on November 16th it returns from Dell Houston and 3 of the 4 items on my laundry list of issues are still not repaired but they now have replaced the Wireless card and the SSD Drive.

$1400 and 13 months after my purchase from Dell the computer sits in the shipping box unusable. Dell has not responded to our numerous calls and emails to them to remedy this issue. We have been loyal customers of Dells for almost 20 years.

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RE: XPS8900 Repair/Warranty Problem

I would suggest posting this in the customer care section.


Dell is also on Twitter and facebook.




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I do not work for Dell. I too am a user.

The forum is primarily user to user, with Dell employees moderating
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Get Support on Twitter @DellCaresPro

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RE: XPS8900 Repair/Warranty Problem

Similar Madness absent going through Best Buy where I purchased Dell XPS 8900 June 2016

Video Card April 2017 Problem that couldn't be explained for 2nd card to support 3 monitors.

Now told possible Mother Board Problem "repaired" by removing one video card and told "...removed and replaced something and now working... I "think" it might be a motherboard problem...

So I guess I'm to go home and hope for the best since warranty expired August 2017.

Good grief... I brought Dell for supposed reliability. As in above... Have purchased at least 6 Dell's for home and small business over last 20 years.

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