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Xps 8300 upgrading gpu with gtx750 it

my gt530 is dead so I need to upgrade it,

Does any know if this is compatible with the xps 8300 http://www.geforce.co.uk/hardware/desktop-gpus/geforce-gtx-750-ti/buy-online

im not very good with computer so any info would be great

i7 3.4 (2600)

8gb ram 

460w psu

thanks for any help

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RE: Xps 8300 upgrading gpu with gtx750 it

IMHO, the GT750 will not be compatible with the XPS 8300. Probably due to the BIOS (A06) not updated to work with the newer cards (lots of threads on this issue). The Radeon 6000 series do work well in the 8300 and would be an upgrade from the 530 card. I currently use an XFX HD6770 in an 8300 with absolutely no problems. Other cards I've used with success are the 6450, 6570 and the 6670. Amazon and Newegg are good online stores to shop/source these increasingly hard to find graphics cards. YMMV.
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RE: Xps 8300 upgrading gpu with gtx750 it



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RE: Xps 8300 upgrading gpu with gtx750 it


I know it has been some years but still may be this helps somebody:

I have just successfully installed NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750 TI (www.nvidia.com/.../gtx-750ti)  that I extracted from my son's Lenovo Erazer 310 (he got a EVGA GTX 960 sc (the one with one fan)).


1. Start PC and go to Device Manager.

2. Locate your stock GPU and UNISTALL.

3. Turn off the PC and disconnect power.

4. Open case and extract the stock GPU.

5. Insert the NVIDIA GTX 750 TI.

6. Turn on the PC (the PC does not recognize the GPU correctly but you can proceed to the internet).

7. Go to NVIDIA website and download GEFORCE EXPERIENCE (if you find it complicated find a video in you tube. There are plenty).

8. Once you have GeforceExperienc, it will detect your GPU, it will download and install the correct driver. Once finished it will ask you to re-start.

9. If it does not ask you, make sure the installation of the drivers is completed and Re-start your lovely DELL XPS 8300 and all will work perfectly!  (At least this is what happened to me)