Yellow hue on new Acer monitor

Good evening, I have a Dell Dimension 8400 running XP and i bought an monitor (Acer X183h) today. The Acer has an obnoxiously bright yellow hue. I spoke to Acer's "support team" earlier and they believe the issue is due to a lack of compatibility between the Acer and the Dell. I updated the drivers of both my ATI X300 video card and and new monitor, but the yellow hue persists. I unplugged the video cable while the Dell and monitor were on and the yellow hue completely disappears when data in error appears. Please help if you can.

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Re: Yellow hue on new Acer monitor

Does the ACER have a setup that you can try, to see if it's "yellow" with the setup controls.  It sounds like the monitor is bad and Acer is just passing it off with typical "it's not my problem".   There is no compatibility between any PC vendor and a monitor, there can be issues with the screen resolution as the old Video card you have probably will not go up to the "native" resolution of the monitor but that's about the only "compatiblity" and that's not a "Dell" problem it's just the hardware limitation of the video card.

If you can, plug the Acer into another PC, if you don't have one ask a friend to check it on their PC to see if you get the "yellow" there, that will tell you if it's your Video Card or if it's the Monitor.

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