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Yet another RAM question-Help would be appreciated greately.

Home Made computer.


Pentium II 450 MHz.

The mother board provides four 168 DIMM sites for memory expansion. The DIMM socket supports 1Mx64[8MB], 2Mx64[16MB], 4Mx64[32MB], 8Mx64[64MB], 16Mx64[128MB], and 32Mx64[256MB] or double sided DIMM modules. Minimum memory size is 8MB and maximum memory size is 1GB SDRAM.

I removed the present 64MB RAM and this what written on  the black chips-8 of them on the stick : Malaysia coag 99 04 S88A  HM5264805TTB60  PC 100-322-60.

There is a white sticker on it reads as : *SCIL294365  WARRANTY VOID IF REMOVED.

I am unable to find a similar one or higher that will fit my computer anywhere.

However I did come across this on the ebay:

256MB PC133 133MHZ SDRAM DIMM 168PIN Low Density Ram

Will the above fit mine?

Thankyou kindly for your time and answer.



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