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Your Dream Machine?

I have a Precision T 1500 that served me well for the past five years. I teach online and create animations, video, and photo work. The machine is on about 20 hours every day of the week. It overheats. I have an external fan, which helped.

So, I am looking to upgrade. I'm looking at the Precision 5000 or 7000 series or XPS. I want a machine that is very fast and reliable with space for my media projects.What do you all suggest? Please share with me your dream configuration. I am looking at Xeon rather than i-7 series as I think they run cooler. I currently have two hard drives, 1 gb NVIDIA quadro 600 and creative sound blaster soundcard. I need something to get me through the next five years and then I can retire!! Thanks, Ginna

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RE: Your Dream Machine?

What software must the computer support?  

Do you need ECC memory for something like AutoCAD?

Must it have a Quadro? or can a GTX graphics card work?

How much total storage (TerraBytes) do you need?

Without knowing it is hard to recommend, but the XPS 8900 on sale, then add memory, add an SSD and then replace the graphics card with a nvidia GTX 1060 and you will have a solid system.

I did suggest an 8900. The XPS 8910 changed the case design and I'm not sure about it yet.

Dell probably doesn't like me saying this, but I find the cheapest XPS with a core i7 is the way to go, then upgrade Memory, SSD and graphics card.

Animation and video tend to like more memory, and more cores, so in today's world, the i7 is just the entry point, but coming from an i7 860 will be a significant bump in speed.

I'm not sure I buy into the Xeon running cooler and it depends on the Xeon.

So, do tell us more about what you are doing and the recommendation might improve.