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Zino HD 410 driver superseded

The ATI Radeon hd 5400 driver for the Dell Zino HD 410 (2011, but already discontinued -- sold out) in Dell support downloads is defective and superseded by another over a year later at AMD, ATI website.  As delivered with the Dell website driver, there were periodic temporary video blanks with messages the driver had stopped and restarted.  Since updating the driver these have stopped.  As newer browsers operate the more advanced functions of display chips, there may have been some bug which triggered only on certain display arrangements; they tended to appear when browsing certain parts of web pages, but too elusive to analyze as a user.  When installing AMD's driver packages, it is critical to disable anti-virus software, especially sensitive to drivers.

The important thing is that Dell's support files for drivers has not been updated.  I can no longer rely on the Dell website support, and have to investigate any driver issue that comes up.  Dell technicians appear to have access only to Dell's files, so I doubt they would be of any more help.

For best results with AMD's packages, omit the Software Development Kit (SDK) components, which might not be compatible with the rest of the system -- haven't analyzed fully, but clearly not needed for ordinary display.

I would not bother with drivers released only shortly after Dell's versions except for specific identified problems, but one several versions and a year later is something else, when there is an experienced problem.

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Re: Zino HD 410 driver superseded


Glad to hear the AMD driver is working.

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