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adding front panel sound card controller

I recently purchased a refurb XPS 8700 SE and I'd like to add a front panel sound card extension like I used to have in my old XPS (it was connect to a sound blaster XFi).  The Front panel extension has things like RCA inputs, audio controls, etc.

1.) Is there a connector on the mother board that I can plug this front panel extension to?

2.) If there is not a connector on the mother board, which sound card can I plug in to one of the PCIe slots that has a connector to run to the front bezel extension?

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RE: adding front panel sound card controller

The slot is PCI-E for a Creative Sound Blaster® Recon3D.  The cable is DIGITAL only not Analog.  The OEM Dell card has less pins and connectors than the retail card.

The Recon Card uses the Front Panel Dell Connector on the motherboard but I don't recall the cable number. It may be the YELLOW Cable 7844F.  ChrisM would be the one to ask. I don't have access to that information.

The Optional Sound card for the 8700 is a SB1350  Recon 3D.

Its Yellow on some Dell Motherboards and its VERY SIMILAR to INTEL standard.

The Dell Sound Blaster Recon3D PCIe x1 sound card, part number 0DR8F card looks like this:

The RETAIL Recon card has connectors/pins that the dell does not.


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RE: adding front panel sound card controller

Thanks for the response. What I'm really looking for is the Faltal1ty I/O controller for the front. I guess I'll have to get the retail Champions version and use that.

Again, thanks for the help

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