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aurora r4 freezes after sleep mode

the aurora i have keeps freezing after i wake it up from sleep mode.  if anyone could tell me why i would appreciate any help i could get.

this is the second one i have gotten from dell because the first was dead on arrival.  so far the only answer i have received from dell on that is that the aurora doesn't support windows 8, which confused me because it says they do on the website (and other people have it with 8 from what i've seen) and that also means they built a system knowing it wasn't going to work.  so the one i have now has 7 on it which is okay, just wish i could get a task bar on my second monitor.   so if anyone could tell me if that's true or not i would appreciate it.

specs. aurora r4 built in 2013: 250 ssd, 1tb 72000, 32g ram, dual gtx 780 gc, blue ray: pretty much maxed out everything

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RE: aurora r4 freezes after sleep mode

You might get a better response if you re-post this in the Alienware Club forum.


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