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beep sound when comp starts [RAM issue]


i have dell dimension 4700 with bios A10... i used to have 1.5 GB ram all of samsung (512x2 + 256x2). it used to work fine but recently i took off that 256x2 rams and put new 512x2 rams of kingston.. i worked fine for a week or so but after that when i started the computer it start giving the beep sound.. anyways i tried to fix it but no luck... then i opened my comp box and took off the 2 samsung 512 dims and it worked... but after that i tired to put my samsung 512dims back on but no luck.. then i took off both kingston dims and replaced it with my samsung dims... itz didnt worked.. so anyways i concluded after a long struggle that my 2 dims slots are not working and when i put any brand ram in it it wont work but on the other 2 slot if i put my kingston ram it works but with samsung it doesnt...


My question...

a) please help me resolve my problem which i had mention above.

b) after 1 week of that my 1 more lot is not working... i mean now only 1 slot is working and rest of the slots (3) are not working...


please help... it looks like my comp is coming to itz END...

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Re: beep sound when comp starts [RAM issue]

as per your concern you already checked it well however do that that which samsung ram is going bad by checking one by one which ram is working can run dignostics by choosing f12 at dell logo and running ram dignostics and it will let you identify which ram is gone more thing do check those two slots in which samsung ram was placed with kingston rams if its working fine then slots are ok and then its simple that any of the samsung ram gone bad if you have any other computer do check other computer for it you will be sure for the samsung rams after that, even by dignostics it will be confirmed....
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Re: beep sound when comp starts [RAM issue]


Remove all the memory modules, then install only one module in slot 1, then see if the system boots and the computer starts normally, reinstall an additional module.

Does not boot, move the module to slot 2 and again see if the system boots, no boot, try the module in slot 3, no boot, try installing in slot 4.

Still does not boot, then remove the first module and using the second one, repeat the sequence described above.

Still no boot, try installing any remaining modules, one at a time, using the above procedure.

Continue until you have identified a faulty module [or slot] or reinstalled all modules without error.

You could try using the stand-alone Memory Diagnostic here. You can download a free copy and burn it to a CD.


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