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big hardware problem with Dimension 9200

Hello again!

Since one week I try to fix my PC but now my ideas are running out.


System: Dimension 9200, Raid 1 (mirror) with 2x150GB (WD & Samsung)



-XP hangs during booting short before login-screen, it startet to hang from time to time but then I wasnt able to boot any more

-I used Dell diagnostics

- when i start extended test after 1 hour the computer crashes (black screen)

- when I start HD test it passes

- when I start custom and choose complete test it crashes when it starts the HD tests

- when I start the HD-tests one after the other it passes all

- when I try to start with CD (win2k or XP) it crashes - the same when I unable one of the HDs

- when I boot in secure mode it crashes and say "cant initialise video driver"

- when I start with puppy linux (only 85MB) its running with no problems


Yesterday I used the jumper on mainboerd and cleared the CMOS. No difference. I played with HDs again and now it cant boot from HD. It says during initialization of the raid "bootable: no" Is it just a setting or did I make it worse?

Now I have no ideas any more. Maybe I take out the HDs and try an external one to start from CD?


Thanks for help!


Mattze from Berlin 



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Re: big hardware problem with Dimension 9200

You'll need to boot to the RAID BIOS, and make the array Bootable again.  Save the setting and reboot, see if system will boot to the array.


If not, boot to you XP CD, enter the recovery console, there, run CHKDSK /P  and once finished, see if you can boot to the array.


If you still can't boot to the HDD, you have more than likely have an OS issue that will require either a Repair Install of XP or a Clean XP installation.


NOTE:  Just because both drives pass a diagnostic, does not ensure the hdds are good, just no fault was found by the test (Big distinction here)  You may find out during the repair/install process, that one drive is failing.

Donald K

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Re: big hardware problem with Dimension 9200

Ok the HDs are bootable again. Something was disabled because of CMOS-reset.


I cannot use XP-CD because the system hangs also during booting from CD. It says" an error has occured and windows has stopped the  computer ..." Its the same when I unplug both HDs from motherboard.


Please try again, I have no more ideas.



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