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complaint about dell ultrasharp monitors

So the story goes that I have a dell ultrasharp U2414h monitor which been working great since I bought it, and recently I moved to a brighter apartment and I realized there is a stuck pixel on the monitor, and I realized the monitor comes with "Premium Panel Guarantee" as stated on the website throughout all the ultrasharp series, So i called up technical support, spoke with TWO basic support agents and ONE senior service technician, all three of them just keep asking for the service tag or service code which I don't have at all on the monitor, I provided them with the S/N on the back of monitor and their answers were "according to industry standard you need to have minimum 5 or more dead pixels in order to qualify for an exchange" . So since when did ultrasharp premium panel guarantee downgrades and inline with the industry standard? then I went ahead and ask for a supervisor and I got a senior service tech which says my monitor only has one year  warranty, the premium panel guarantee and advanced exchange service (stated on dell website) are EXTRA features that you need to purchase. So according to the website I read to the tech as follow:

Premium Panel Guarantee. 
The Dell Premium Panel Guarantee allows a free panel replacement during the Limited Hardware Warranty period even if only one bright pixel is found.

Advanced Exchange Service. 
Your Dell monitor comes with a 3-year Advanced Exchange  Service2 so that, if necessary, a replacement monitor will be shipped to you the next business day within its 3-Year Limited Hardware Warranty 3.

The tech then says the website is wrong, he will forward to whatever department that handles website information and confirms to me he can't do anything, apologized and asked if anything else can help me with. This really opens up my mind since I always recommend dell products to my friends and especially the ultrasharp monitors as a lot of my friends are professionals that require color accuracy and good quality product, and that's one of the main reason why i bought this monitor back then, and yet now I am getting this ridiculous respond from three agents, anyone know what to do in this case? 

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RE: complaint about dell ultrasharp monitors

If you have a Service Request (SR) number for your latest contact with Tech Support about this specific problem, you can try Dell's Unresolved Issues.

If you don't have an SR number for this issue, call Tech Support and ask them for it. And if they don't have one for your monitor issue, start a new service request and be sure to ask for an SR number, if they don't satisfy you. Then use Unresolved Issues.


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RE: complaint about dell ultrasharp monitors

You could try the pixel unsticker for at least 11 hours.

Report Unresolved Customer Service Issues

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