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computer goes into power save mode and will not come back up!

I have a dell studio xps with windows 7 operating system. I will be in the middle of something using the mouse or the keyboard and the monitor will show now entering power save mode. Pushing keys or clicking mouse will not bring the monitor back up. I have to manually turn the computer off and then turn it back on. This is driving me nuts! Recently cleaned hoping this would help but it hasn't, seems to be happening more often as  time goes by. Sometimes I am on line when this happens and sometimes not. I have tried turning power saver off but that hasn't helped either.....Help!!!

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Mary G
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Re: computer goes into power save mode and will not come back up!

Use the control buttons on the monitor to check the monitor's settings.  You should say what exact model computer, monitor and video card you have. Change the Advanced settings in your Power Scheme to--never turn off hard drive, do not use Hybrid Sleep or Hibernation, etc. Go through all the other advanced power scheme settings to see what you might change. Windows 7 doesn't need system "cleaning." Use System Restore to go back to the day before you did the cleaning.

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