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computer won't come on after isntalling new ram

I have a dell dimension 4550 desktop computer windows XP. This is my second time trying to upgrade the memory on my pc. I wanted to go from 512 ram to 1 gb. I purchased two 512mb 184-Pin Dimm 64x64 DDR PC2700 unbuff memory sticks. I had a previous fan error issue on my computer that I was able to by pass before I tried to install the new ram. I tried to turn on my pc but nothing comes on the monitor. The a light is green and the b, c, d lights are solid yellow in the back of the desktop. When you turn on the power I hear 6 beeps. 1 beep, 3 beep, 2 beep. I think beep code 132.  I can see the fan trying to spin but it doesn't.  It's the fan in the middle covered by a green cover inside of the computer. My cd/dvd drives can open and close. I put the old memory back in still didn't work and someone suggested that I take the both memory rams out of my computer to see if it'll work but it does the same thing.  The monitor light is still orange.


When I upgraded the memory ram the first time. I just had to put in 1 256 stick but this time i wanted to upgrade both to 512mb. That was over 4 years ago and I purchased my pc in 2003.


I'm hoping someone can help me resolve my issue and thank you in advanced.

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Re: computer won't come on after isntalling new ram

According to the manual, the diagnostic lights you are getting means no memory was detected.  The beep codes are also memory related.  Are you sure you fully seated the memory modules?  Sometimes you need to apply a little force on each end of the module for it to snap in place.  There is a notch to help determine how the module goes in the slot.  See HERE for instructions on how to add memory.

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