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crackle crackling sound desktop studio

I have: Dell Studio Slim Vista 64bit preinstall Realtek HD Audio with HDMI cable to a commputer/hdtv (Samsung, works great).

Crackles with streaming audio, video/audio, CD and DVD, and downloaded itunes/mp3 known to be in perfect condition.

Crackles even if I use the least amount of resources (only playing music), witht he power saving at MAX.  I have tried EVERYTHING.  I do not have a wireless card, but disabling the a +/-b band (under device manager, wireless card) has been tested to work for some laptop folks.  I tried disabling all enhancements (under sound management).  I have the latest driver installed.  

SOMEONE HELP!!!  I am outside the return time becuase I thought initially it was not as pervasive a problem as it is.  It is not a memory/cpu problem because I have a sony vaio 5yr old and it does not have these problems (XP, not vista).  It is exclusive to dell, from what i can tell, and perhaps has to do with Vista-Dell, but IT IS A MAJOR PROBLEM.  The whole point of this computer was to be a media center and it does not work in this capacity.  sorry dell, you need to know you blew it on this one.

I would return it despite all the work I've already put into it (bought 12/08) if I could.

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Re: crackle crackling sound desktop studio

First, it's not a Vista problem.  This has been an on-going problem for years with some (random and not all) PC's with the various versions of XP too.  I've been on this forum since 2002 and I've seen posts about popping, crackling, etc, ever since I joined.  It's not just the Integrated Audio, although primarily the Integrated audio system, as I've seen posts from users that have Dell OEM SoundBlaster sound cards with the problem. 

One thing to try that you haven't done, from your post, is to uninstall the sound in the Device Manager then restart the PC and the sound will be detected and reinstalled.  No guarantee that this will fix the problem but the uninstall/reinstall does fix some flakey problems.   To access the Device Manager, hold the Windows key down and then press the Pause/Break key.  When the panel comes up the device manager can be accessed under the Task List in the upper left of the panel.

Since you have iTunes installed (and this has been know to cause varied problems but I don't know about the crackling problem) I assume you also have Quicktime installed.  Quicktime, like iTunes has been known to cause some audio problems.  Did the PC do it before you installed the Quicktime and/or iTunes?





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Re: crackle crackling sound desktop studio

I just had a similar issue with my XPS Studio MT that was resolved through Dell XPS tech support. ( SORRY I MISSED THAT YOU DON'T HAVE WIRELESS)


Uninstalling my wireless card and driver/rebooting/reinstalling driver and updating bios was the cure....

I would bet it may well be another adapter conflicting on your system and those steps may well remedy the situation the same way with another device.

Perhaps removing one item at a time and updating it and the bios update would help you also.

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