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dell 8300 firewall shuts down after reboot

i got a dell dim 8300 it had a 60g hd ide but i put a 250g  sata 3.0 but i step it down to 1.5 speed well i had trend micro on the desktop w/ the 60g and it work fine but it expired so i got trend mirco pro and then i want to upgrade the hard drive to the sata one so i put a fresh copy of windows on it and load my sound driver audigy 2 then my trend mirco pro well everytime i shut it down or restart the desktop my firewall turns off and i dont know why and then i ran a 32 dia test on it and it come up as systems error  invalid L1/L2 relationship  L1 size 0  L2 size 100000 what does this mean// i tried everything and my trend mirco firewall shuts down on reboot  everytime      

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