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dell idrac card for PC

HI experts

I have this curious idea. I am sitting at my desk at work, about to head home, and was just thinking: I wish I could remote to my desktop at home and start the PC. 

Then I thought about the dell idrac card and its pretty awesome. So I thought what if I took the drac card and installed in a PC with a 3rd party motherboard running windows?

Has anyone tried that? or know of similar setups? I have team viewer but that only works when PC is on.


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RE: dell idrac card for PC

If this is a work PC, you probably need to check with your IT group because they may not want you to be able to remote into your home desktop for fear of letting malware get into their network or downloading of confidential files onto your home PC. emoticon.Surprise.title

Check to see if your Dell has Wake On LAN (WOL) capabilities because you might be able to do it with the hardware you already have, assuming IT allows it...


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