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dell studio xps 435 mt troubleshooting

Hi, I know my computer is old but a new one is not feasible at the moment and besides I love this one. I am having issues and am not sure what i need to replace. It was crashing. I reinstalled windows 7. Heat was a problem so I re-installed the heatsink and that is now good. I installed a new psu, and upgraded the hard drive to WD black 1 T last year.  

So the screen is so jumbled on boot I can't read anything. Before I was able to read between the lines in the beginning the event was that the driver for the video adapter failed. I was eventually able to manually install one but it kept failing. It did used to boot in safe mode with no graphic problem but now even in safe mode ... I can't read the words on the screen.

So my question: Would a logical step be to replace the graphics card or do you think the motherboard chip is toast? Where would you begin? What would you suggest?

I can make small purchases at a time but not one big one.

System is as follows. i7 920 2.67 ghz; ATI Radeon HD 4670, 6 g memory ... psu is only 360 watt... need any other info just ask.



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RE: dell studio xps 435 mt troubleshooting

How is monitor connected to PC? VGA, DVi, DP, HDMI?

Have you checked the video cable connections between PC and monitor at both ends, and/or used a different cable and a different video output port on the PC that's supported by this monitor?

Can you test this monitor on a different PC or a different monitor on this PC? If the monitor is ok on some other PC or another monitor has same problems here, then it may be an issue with the video card. In this case, first thing would be to carefully reseat the video card In the slot.

If reseating the card doesn't help, you'd have to try a different add-in video card because this system doesn't have Intel onboard graphics.

Always power off, unplug and press/hold power button for ~15 sec before working inside the case.


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