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inspiron 560 limited graphics card space.

i have a new inspiron 560 & opened the case to check if there woudl be any space issues, before ordering a fast graphics card.

it looks like poor MOBO design in that the ram slots appear to end right where a long PCIe card would have to extend to.

 I was able to slot in my 4670 card OK but that is a small card.

 it is unclear whether a longer card like 4770 or 5750 or 5770 would fix, & likewize whether an nvidia 9800 or better / gt250 or better would fit .

has anyone ***d  ( or failed to fit) larger cards please. I have a PSU upgrade ***d already so it' sjust the length issue that is bugging me.

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Re: inspiron 560 limited graphics card space.

There is an answer in your other post.


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