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lost a monitor when switching from XP to Windows 7

Hardware setup

Dimension E520

Video Card 1: ATI Radeon HD 5550 (has 2 monitors connected)

Video Card 2: generic standard  PCI VGA card

When running under Windows XP all 3 monitors worked but when I upgraded to Window 7 Professional, I lost the ability to use both cards, under auto the generic PCI card  works but the the ATI does not, and under PEG (I think thats the term) the ATI Radeon works and the generic is disabled (device manager says can not start) but is seen.

My questions are

1. why the loss of my third monitor when it worked under XP

2. what can I do to fix the current setup, (for example will flashing the BIOS help)

3. if question 2 is not possible, what are my inexpensive options to get my third monitor back (for example will a USB connection work), the ATI card has a third HDMI third connector so using that is not an option.

Thanks in advance for any and all of your suggesions

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