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memory leak?


My machine seems to have some massive memory leak. My system (Dimension XPS T600) has 256 Meg of RAM, yet when I boot, it seems (Norton System reports,) that I only have 130 Meg or so available. Also, as time goes by, the number drops lower & lower. I was down to 5 megs at one point, even though I had no programs open. Anyone with any insights? I've gone to the setup screen, and both 128 DIMMS seem to be registering. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated...

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RE: memory leak?

What do you mean when you say you had no programs open. If you had resource monitor open, you had a program open. My suggestion would be to see what's really happening behind the scenes. Go to start button, hit RUN and then type in MSCONFIG Then go to the start up tab and all the checkmarked boxes you see are programs which are running in the background, even though you think you're running no programs. Uncheck those which are not needed at boot up and are not needed to have running constantly in the background, keeping systray and explorer checked. The rest can probably be done without. If you dont' know about a file, post it here and someone can tell you or you can go to this site

and check it out for yourself.

Hope this helps your situation. If not, keep posting.

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RE: memory leak?

It is not a memory leak it is how windows operates.

Windows, given the chance will use all your memory at all times. If you only had 64 megs norton would have the same results; there will be some available when you first start but this would disappear quickly. This is normal and happens on all computers that are using windows

As a windows session continues, windows will access and use memory. This is not bad for when a new program calls for it the memory will be released. So as long as your computer is not crashing or freezing it is not a problem

To be more concerned about is resources for if they get too small you will expericence problems.

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